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This album was marketed nationwide by TJoe Enterprises, although they were still managed by Howie T of Adrot Nigeria Limited.The video for the second album held the #1 position on the MTV Base chart for four straight weeks.

Some of the songs which have been called up on this account include "Get Squared", "Game Over", "Danger" and others.

P-Square attracted headlines because they reportedly turned irate when they were notified by organisers in the middle of their performance at the Guinness Show about some change in plans which would affect the length of their performance, and that of the next act, 2 Face Idibia.

As reported by a news site, the info apparently stirred up resentment as Peter immediately said "I don’t know why, anytime a foreign artiste comes to Nigeria, they (show organizers) wanna treat us like slaves in our country".

The first single called "Danger" is a hip hop song with cutting synths and a frog bass baseline similar to an Eminem song.

The video affirms this with the presence of clowns and staggered movements in front of the camera reminiscent of comical videos by Eminem.

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The duo are reported to handle most of their production/beat making in house.

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